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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tips On Designing Websites For Wearable Technologies

At Alinga Web Design we keep a close pulse on the latest technological and web design trends so we can continually improve our Brisbane web design service for our clients. 

With wearable technology widely viewed as potentially the next big thing, at Alinga we waste no time in talking to our clients about the importance of having the best professional looking website that's best-suited for wearable technologies.

Similar to how mobile phones transformed the web design industry when they came out, at Alinga we feel something similar may happen with wearables. If your Brisbane website design isn’t optimised to truly showcase the benefits of wearable technologies, you may be losing out on a valuable opportunity to increase traffic and sales to your website.

Fortunately, we're already implementing our latest strategies and techniques into our popular Brisbane Web design services.


Unlike smartphones, which are carried around in back pockets and handbags, wearable devices are actually worn on the body. The most famous wearable device is by far, Google Glass, but other wearables such as smart watches and wristbands are quickly gaining popularity.

Like smartphones, these devices can connect to the internet and allow for an enhanced interactivity with your other devices. When used within an ecosystem of devices, the possibilities of wearable tech really shine.


Here are some of our favourite web design tips when marketing wearable tech on your Brisbane web design:

Make it interactive: When marketing for wearables, interactivity (think voice control) trumps readable content. And make use of small snippets of readable content; otherwise your SEO will suffer.
Make it responsive: Some wearable devices have tiny-sized screens so it would be a BIG mistake to overlook having a responsive Brisbane website design.

Make it minimalistic: The best way to showcase the benefits of wearable technology is to have a website that is simple in design so that the product can speak for itself without the users being distracted.

As wearable devices inevitably make their way into main stream, making sure your website is ready to attract the countless numbers of users looking for more information on these devices is essential to remaining relevant and competitive.

Our team of professionals at Alinga web design have over 10 years of experience in Brisbane website design and are proficient with the latest technologies that can enhance your business. Contact Alinga Web Design for more information on how we can help optimise your website for wearable technology marketing and how it can benefit your business.

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  1. Times are evolving and web designers need to keep up, that’s a fact. However, I do feel that the more we adjust our website designs to display properly on different screens and devices is limiting our creative ability. Designers need to create designs that fit all, so it’s almost becoming a necessity to stick to the standard header-content-sidebar-footer layout, making it hard for creative, alternative designs to survive and I think that’s just too bad.

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