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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Top Mobile Marketing Trends To Look For In 2015

As the year draws to a close, our team at Alinga Web Design would like to take a moment to reflect on what trends we are likely to see implemented across our Gold Coast website design clients in the new year.


A micro-moment is used to spur consumers into taking action by using a simple trigger such as a sound, a message or even a phone vibration. The goal is to capture the attention of the consumer as quickly as possible by focusing on providing contextual relevance and a personalised experience. 

  As we have already been implementing this strategy with our Gold Coast eCommerce clients, we can already see the huge opportunity for online retailers as the demand for professionally-designed Gold Coast mobile apps has been skyrocketing as of late too.


Consumers dislike ads that are intrusive or are forced upon them without their express consent. 2015 should see a bigger shift in online companies who actively try to engage more efficiently with their customers and give them more autonomy to respond to advertisements. 

Permission-based e-mail marketing is also something our team at Alinga Web Design really believe in and have had great success stories with our Gold Coast website design clients throughout the year.


Approximately 20% of mobile consumers are from developing nations but it's still a challenge to find localised content. These emerging nations include countries like Nigeria, Vietnam and Brazil.

Localisation is of great importance especially with regards to purchasing mobile apps, consuming content and engaging with brands via social media.


Tap-to-buy buttons represent an evolution of Amazon’s 1-cick purchasing button and recently implemented on Twitter, the “Buy Now” button. This represents a significant ad marketing opportunity for time sensitive deals and flash sales.

Tap-to-buy buttons can represent a win-win situation for consumers and retailers. Consumers can benefit by getting easy access to items they actually want and retailers will be able to increase sales accordingly.


As Gold Coast eCommerce professionals, we have a passion for keeping up-to-date with the very latest technological and mobile marketing trends in the market. As we continue to see mobile eCommerce continue its rise in the industry for the foreseeable future, one of the biggest factors that drives it is retargeting. 

With many B2B and C2C companies receiving large amounts of funding, they will be focusing their sights on marketing that offers more precise user acquisitions and retargeting.

Contact Alinga Web Design today to find out how the latest trends in Gold Coast eCommerce and Gold Coast mobile apps can be applied to your business and help it grow.

Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to show you why we are regarded as the highest quality eCommerce website design company in the business.

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