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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Website solutions, what is the best one for you?

Web Solution

Businesses are different and so are websites. Choosing a website that is right for your business requires some thought and discussion with your web developer.
At Alinga we consider ourselves a solution-based company that helps facilitates success for your business.

How do we do this?.We listen to you talking about your business, marketing strategy and business goals and use this information to provide the best solution for you.

Whether you just need a simple and clean website or a full corporate website, this information will help you understand the 4 common websites we can provide you.

  •    Static Site / Simple information website
  •    Content Management System (CMS) - A website that you can edit yourself
  •    eCommerce website
  •    Tailored custom developed website solution
  •    Flash - Multimedia website

Static Site / Basic Information website

Web Solution
A static website is essentially what you have before you find out about a CMS website. The content needs to be updated by a web designer or yourself if you have the software and skills. The main purpose of this website is to provide you with an internet presence so your customers can find out more about your business and a more professional email address like

You will need a domain name and website hosting. We can get you up and operational in under $1000
Content Management System (CMS)

Basically a CMS website is one where you can easily update the content of the site whenever you like.
This offers you the greatest flexibility on your website

  •  Keep your website up to date for your current and future customers
  •  Easily edit your content with our simple WYSIWYG text editor
  •  Allow multi-level access for different staff with password protection
  •  Add and remove pages / products
  •  Update your news, website articles and photo gallery with ease

Flash Sites

Flash websites are developed in Adobe Flash and we don't develop too many of them these days mainly because of accessibility, Flash sites provide the visitor with animation and advanced multimedia features. You can have a full screen flash website (good for showcasing retail products, feature film ) where the visual benefits are more important then the accessibility and SEO. We love using Flash as website assets throughout your CMS website for; Eye catching banners, slideshow galleries and interactive presentations of eCommerce websites.

Means selling products or services online. We provide you with a CMS website with full eCommerce functionality. How much does a eCommerce website cost? 


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