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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rogers Property Group Takes Gold

Lucas Rogers is a home-spun Gold Coast lad who completed his degree with accounting majors, after he grew up on a farm.

After building career foundations he spent seven years in London with large investment banks, until he heard the Sunshine Coast calling him and returned in 2004. Now, the Rogers Property Group he founded is set to make a huge dent in the property investment opportunities on the internet.

Brisbane, Queensland

“We already had a tolerable website,” Lucas Rogers explains, “butI knew we needed something a whole lot better, that optimised on the benefits of content targeted advertising too. We’d already taken the decision to appoint a Brisbane web design team who understood our local market. That made Alinga the logical choice for us.”

Alinga are Gold Coast solutions specialists for full website solutions that include responsive web design and the optimal viewing experience that goes with it. As an added advantage these Brisbane web designers are environmentally conscious too – something which Rogers Property Group’s customers are becoming increasingly aware of as well.

Lucas Rogers’ main business thrust is assisting Australians achieve financial independence through wise property investment. This is guided by his experience of brokering hundreds of millions of dollars of property developments and sales. “I knew I had to find a full website solution that included online marketing through multiple websites for mobile phones. I’m just thankful I discovered Alinga when I did,” he says.

The Brisbane website design group that Rogers Property Group selected is as client-focussed and holistic as their customer. “We don’t believe in doing half-jobs and picking cherries,”Adrian Judd CEO explains. “Instead, our responsive web design philosophy embraces the whole gamut from classic web design to email marketing, through websites for mobile phones, online marketing and advanced digital photography too.”

The proof is in the pudding for Brisbane web designer Alinga at the new Rogers Property Group website that’s busytaking over in cyber space. The user interface is simply brilliant, with tasty links that encourage even the most jaded property investor to click through to innovative content. No wonder their hit rate has already started going exponential.

Alinga have been known for 7 years as the Brisbane web design team that gets every job done brilliantly, and on time too. Their portfolio is as impressive as their client testimonial page. In fact, if you’re looking for expert advice from a Southport website design team, you should get in touch with them right away.

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